The Organic Canner (Book Review)

The Organic Canner

Daisy Luther has just written a new book called The Organic Canner, which is both an instructional “how to” book and a collection of great recipes.

This is really a great resource for people who want to learn how to can food. The first part of the book is instruction and an introduction to canning. It is accurate, easy to understand, and written in an engaging, fun to read style that is “pure Daisy”. If you are intimidated at the thought of learning to can, this book will help you have the confidence to give it a try! You will learn what equipment you need and how to use it safely and properly. The book is full of great recipes to help you get started as well. She covers simple things like canning common vegetables as well as jams, relishes and condiments, soups, meats, and “meals in a jar”. We’ve found several recipes in this book that we are excited to try, one of which is the raspberry jalapeno jam! I was very glad to see that Daisy included “meals in a jar” in this book. One of the greatest things about canning these is being able to have a meal ready as fast as you can heat it up. When the whole family is out working in the barn or garden and supper preparation gets neglected, it is sure a blessing to be able get a hot meal on the table in a short amount of time.

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I feel confident recommending this book to beginning canners. It will get you off to a great start and give you some great recipes to try. Before you know it, you’ll be running out of pantry space and storing jars under your bed. 😉

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