Praise God for GMOs ??? ~ a brief response to Marcus Pittman’s folly


I have been asked by multiple people to offer a response to Marcus Pittman’s recent article, Praise God for GMOs. I read the article expecting to see him engage some of the arguments that our side has made against genetically modified crops. I was mistaken. I expected to see something that resembled an honest look at the subject. Again I was disappointed.

The author attempts to make a theological defense for GMOs early in the article. It is empty talk. After referencing the “dominion mandate”, he asks..

Can we modify the seeds? Can we make them grow better, and more reliably?

Here we have the old argument that genetic modification is the same as traditional plant breeding. This is simply false and anyone who is intellectually honest will admit it. Quoting Genesis 1:28-31 is not enough. How can anyone ignore Leviticus 19:19?

Pittman takes the low road in his argument, never offering many sources or facts. His basic argument being that without GMOs people would starve to death.

Let’s be honest. In the history of the earth, GMOs are a relatively new problem. And they are indeed a problem that only countries with too much food argue about. It is a problem that solves famines and starvation, and much like antibiotics, overuse can be dangerous. But no one should be arguing against them in their entirety.

Pitmman is evidently under the illusion that GMO crops have higher yields than non GMO crops. This lie, despite being repeated often, is still just a myth. Study after study confirm that GMOs have lower yields than conventional crops. Are GMOs really only a first world problem? Has he never heard about how well GMO cotton has worked in India?

He also links GMOs and processed fast food together as some sort of “super food for the poor”, something that is affordable and attainable. You know, because people can’t afford real food…

Is McDonald’s the best option for feeding the poor? Not by a long shot. But McDonalds is indeed feeding the poor and that is something we should be thankful for…even if it’s not a perfect, well-balanced meal.

Tractor Supply

The truth is that the same money spent on processed, prepared food of questionable quality could buy real food. The kind of food that you cook in a kitchen and feed your family at a table….

He even argues that children fed healthy food in public schools had to be changed back to unhealthy food because “the children were starving to death”. REALLY??? Of course he offers no proof of this loony idea. He also recognizes that we have an obesity problem among the same children who were starving.

In an effort to make anti-gmo folks look like big government statist, he adds this gem…

I recall watching a special on CNBC about supermarkets, and the head of Wal-Mart Produce was pointing to the organic section. This section was new in Wal-Mart not because Wal-Mart felt obligated to provide a service to their consumers that they didn’t want. Nor were they forced to do so by the government, but because the market itself demanded it.

…we shouldn’t let angry farmers who have failed at capitalism create unBiblical laws as a means to pay for their family farm.

^^^ Not impressed with straw man arguments. Ever hear of Joel Salatin? Cody Holmes? Nice try. I mean, everyone knows these guys just hate the free market….right. Where on earth did this come from anyway???

There is so much I could say, but this article says so little that I hate to give it any more of my time. He never asks the question, can life be patented? He never addresses the problem of genetic trespass and the overturning of centuries of christian legal precedent. If this is the best our pro GMO brethren can throw at us, then I guess we should be happy.

One thought on “Praise God for GMOs ??? ~ a brief response to Marcus Pittman’s folly

  • April 30, 2014 at 11:22 pm


    Greetings from something of a new listener/reader and a new blogger. I’m enjoying your work and appreciate your honest approach to issues. That is a rare thing these days.

    I was a bit flabbergasted to see someone making the argument for GMOs in the way that Pittman did. Attempting to take a biblical approach to supporting these abominations it just so much at odds with God’s precepts when you look at His Word as a whole. “Cherry picking” verses to support any argument is so backwards from reading passages and drawing conclusions, and was never the way God intended the scriptures to be applied.

    Your conclusions are spot on and far more gracious than Pittman’s argument deserved.

    God Bless,



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