Michigan DNR Wages War on Pastured Pork Farmers

The Michigan DNR with the help of the factory pork lobby is outlawing the ownership of several breeds of pigs that northern pastured pork farmers use. Baker’s Green Acres Farm has vowed to fight this tyranny and stand up to the enemies who will implement the same “laws” in YOUR state if they succeed in Michigan. Please consider helping them out with some money for the legal team. Also, please post their story all over the web and help bring attention to this new assault on our freedom.

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One thought on “Michigan DNR Wages War on Pastured Pork Farmers

  • April 15, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Its funny how fast several pigs can devour a human body and leave nothing. I fully support the farmers facing this persecution by those “sworn to protect” them and hope they resist this tyranny. After all, if they can do this to pig farmers, they can do it to anyone for any reason. Enough is enough!! Lastly, to hell with the DNR and may God reserve a special place for them!!

    May God protect us.



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