Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review

It’s no secret that I love cooking with cast iron. I grew up with those great old antique skillets that had that had a finish that was as smooth as glass. If you’ve purchased newer cast iron,you know what I’m talking about. The quality and finish of most modern cast iron cookware can’t hold a candle to the craftsmanship of the old classics. They just don’t make them like they used to… Until now.

You see there were two brothers named Chris and Stephen who loved classic cast iron too. They set out on a long and arduous journey to make cast iron cookware that had the look and feel and of the classic skillets we all loved. Many people told them it couldn’t be done today. They proved them wrong. They founded the Field Company. They now offer several sizes of their unique American made cast iron skillets. Check out this short video that tells the story and then see my review of the #8 skillet below.

My Review of the #8

Long story short… I love this thing! The more I use it, the more I love it.

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Now, I had heard about these pans and I’d seen pictures and videos of these pans. My expectations were high. The box came and I opened it. I’ll be perfectly honest, I just stood in awe at what was inside. This thing isn’t just a cast iron fry pan, it is a work of art. The first thing you notice when opening the box is just what a gorgeous polished finish it has. Then you lift out by the handle and appreciate the balance and heft; not too heavy and not too light… just right. I couldn’t wait to cook something in it.

I’ve cooked eggs, fried bacon, and fried potatoes with mine. It is a pleasure to use right out of the box. They include instructions for how to cook with it the first time, in case you are new to cooking with cast iron. Follow the instructions and you will be off to the races. Now to be honest, it is a cast iron frying pan, not a magic pan that will cook food flawlessly without any skill on the part of the person using it. I read a few one star reviews written by people ,who’s IQ is probably equal to their allotment of stars, who complained that their food stuck in the pan. It is not the fault of the pan but rather that of the operator. I’m sure their eggs would stick in a Lodge pan too.

At a price of $125 you might wonder if it is worth the cost. I believe it is, if you value fine craftsmanship, have an appreciation for classic cast iron, and enjoy cooking with fine tools. If you don’t care about those things, probably not. In fairness, a rough and heavy Lodge skillet will fry an egg. It will take longer to get a seasoning and patina, it’s not as pretty, but it will do the job. You should keep in mind, a piece of cast iron will last your whole lifetime and that of your grandchildren. When you think of it as 150 year old legacy to your heirs, the price doesn’t sound that much more than the inferior competition. The Field Company skillet is truly an heirloom worthy tool that will be used long after you are gone. It has become my go to skillet, and I’m very impressed by what these two brothers have created. I hope to have one of them on the podcast soon to talk their pans and the behind the scenes work that went into creating the Field Company.

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