Rick Stone’s “Year Round Gardening” Course ~ An Excellent Homestead Resource

Who wouldn’t like to garden more months of the year? Fall is always a somewhat depressing time for those who love gardening. The long wait until spring seems to drag on forever and the only consolation we have is seed catalogs to browse through. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

My friend, Rick Stone, is a Master Gardener from Utah who has been teaching people how to garden year-round for a while now. Rick teaches courses on basic gardening as well, but I really thought that my readers would appreciate this in-depth, year-round gardening course that will inspire and equip you to start using simple season extension methods. Earlier, I interviewed Rick on my online radio show to talk about season extension. You can listen to it HERE. I found this course to be very informative and it has inspired me to do a little more to extend my gardening season here in the St Lawrence valley. Rick has generously offered a huge discount for my readers and listeners, that I will tell you about at the end of this post. First let me tell you what the “Year-round Gardening Course” contains.

Over 43 lectures and 5 hours of content!

How to Grow vegetables 365 days of the year in your garden using Cold frames and Hoop houses to protect your crops
How to Extend your gardens growing season into the late fall using simple crop protection.
How to Start your spring garden 6 to 8 weeks earlier using cold frames and hoop houses.
How to Build your own Cold Frame or Hoop house to add to your garden.
How to Protect your garden vegetables using simple fabric row covers.
How to Grow the most productive and hardy crops for late season and winter harvest

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Rick has decided to offer this course to North Country Farmer readers at a big discount. You can have all 43 lectures for a mere $25 instead of the regular $40 price. You must use this link to get the discounted price. If you would like to extend your garden season, grow more pounds of food per square foot per year, and learn some new skills, I highly recommend purchasing this course (which includes lifetime access to all the videos).

Year Round Gardening Course

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