Modern Homesteading, Rediscovering the American Dream ~ Review

Modern Homesteading Review

Modern Homesteading, Rediscovering the American Dream
New leaf Press
Paperback 206 pgs

I enjoy reading about other homesteading families, learning about their background, learning what pushed them down the path of homesteading, and how they made it happen. Every story is different and yet every story is the same. Modern Homesteading is the story of the “Wranglerstar” family and their homesteading journey.

The Wranglerstar family comes from a different background than I do, and I suppose that is one the reasons I was captivated by the story. Having grown up in the rural and agrarian life and never knowing any other way of living, there is something interesting about people who didn’t grow up this way, but chose to do so. What makes someone do that? What unique challenges do such people face? How do they overcome the these challenges? These are the things that I find fascinating.

Making the switch to an agrarian life is difficult for many people, often seeming “just out of reach”. Cody and his family struggled with many of the same things other families struggle with, and I think their example will encourage many. I thought that the chapter on debt was outstanding. Debt is one of the biggest things holding back people from reaching the dream of homesteading and independent living. There is much wisdom, gained from experience, on how to tackle debt and free one’s self from it’s shackles. Their story is also fairly complex, with many small steps (and setbacks) all leading to the homestead and lifestyle people who watch their You-Tube channel are familiar with. In these steps and setbacks are lessons that the aspiring homesteader can glean. The Wranglerstar brand of homesteading is unique, different from mine and most likely different from yours, but that is alright. Actually, that is one of the book’s lessons, that everyone’s vision and dream is unique.

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Their are a few noteworthy aspects of the book worth mentioning. The bulk of this book was written by Cody’s wife. I found her perspective on the family’s journey to be both honest and helpful. Behind, or more accurately beside, every good man is a good woman. It was nice to learn some of the background and thoughts of Mrs. Wranglerstar, who prefers to work behind the scenes out of the video limelight. While the book is primarily the story of their journey in becoming homesteaders, there are some how-to sections sprinkled throughout. The book is not a “how to homestead book” in traditional sense. It is not a collection of how-to chapters but rather a story with some how-to information as an added bonus. That’s alright, their are plenty of how-to homestead books on the market already. The most endearing thing to me, was that the book is very Christ centered. The faith of this family is not hidden or brushed side for the sake of fame and fortune. In this day and age, it is somewhat of rare gem in that regard.

If you enjoy reading the stories of other homesteaders, if you are a fan of the Wranglerstar You-Tube channel, or if you would just enjoy a story about how one family’s faith and convictions lead them to change their lives for the better, you will enjoy Modern Homesteading, Rediscovering the American Dream.

Modern Homesteading

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