How to get rid of skunk odor on a dog

If you have farm dogs, at some point they will tangle with a skunk. This is just part of country living. We just had one that was hanging around here and it sprayed one of our dogs twice in one week. That skunk has now been neutralized with the help of a good ol’ .22 rimfire. Even if you are able to kill the skunk, you still are left with a stinky dog.

Here is the recipe for a great and easy to make solution that we use to remove the stench from dogs. This stuff really works! Its much better than wasting good tomato juice on dog, anyway!

Tractor Supply

1 Qt of hydrogen peroxide
1/4 c of baking soda
1 t. of Vanilla extract
Mix together and apply to dog with rag

How To Remove Skunk Stink From Your Dog

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