No, I ain't dead… Updates and stuff

Wow, its been a while since I’ve posted anything here! It has been a busy spring, and on top of that, our computer bit the dust and we were without one for a while. So here is quick update on whats going on here.

Radio Show

As most of you know I quit doing the radio show. It was getting to be too much, with all the other work I had and with the new baby that will be here any day. Running a weekly radio show is a bit harder than most people think. You need guests and topics, you need to finance it and promote it and you have to do it every week whether you feel like it or not. I kind of jumped into it without any idea what I was doing and I learned a whole lot during the year that the show was on the air. Thank you to everyone who listened and helped pay the bills. It was fun. It was so much fun that I’m planning on starting it up again late summer or early fall. I’ll let everyone know ahead of time. Anyone with guest suggestions or anyone who is interested in advertising can email me.


This year has been a challenge for us. The drought last year really took its toll. We were short on feed and spring came late. It took forever for the pastures to grow, but when they did they grew well. We have had plenty of rain this year, sometimes too much. Cool temps and lots of rain mean lots of pasture and for that I’m thankful. Cows are milking pretty well and we still have lots of grass. Its too wet to harvest any hay but we will get started eventually. It hasn’t been a great year for gardening and I have slacked off big time in the garden. The cows have taken most of time and attention this spring. I did get 2 packages of honey bees to replace the ones I lost over the winter. They are doing well and I will write more about that story soon.

Tractor Supply

An Interesting News Story

I’ve covered Agenda 21 on this blog before and we’ve talked about on the radio show.  The Chinese are gearing up to implement a key part of Agenda 21, rural depopulation and forced urbanization.  This is coming to the USA and Canada if we don’t stop Agenda 21 in our counties and states.

Here’s the headline…   “The communist dictatorship ruling over mainland China has a new centrally planned plot in the works, a controversial scheme that seeks to force hundreds of millions of farmers from rural areas to regime-dominated mega-cities being built across the nation. According to news reports, much of the land is being seized by force as the Chinese Communist Party works fiendishly to pack people into shoddy cookie-cutter buildings and cities sprouting up all over the country. ”

Read the article here, Communist Chinese Regime Forcing Rural Population Into Cities

One thought on “No, I ain't dead… Updates and stuff

  • June 20, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    I’m glad to know you’re still kicking! I certainly miss your show – both you and Herrick Kimball have been very inspirational to me – and both of you rascals stopped at the same time. Of course this is THE busy time of the year if you are marching to an agrarian cadence, so I haven’t had time to listen anyway (or in the case of Herrick, read). May the Lord bless you in all you do (& don’t do!)


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