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Spring is here and the north country is still covered with snow and temperatures are still chilly. I’m looking forward to green grass, gardens and sunshine. It won’t be too much longer now!

Christian Farm and Homestead Radio turned a year old this month. Hard to believe I’ve been doing it that long. We’ve had some great guests and topics this last year and the show’s audience continues to grow every month. If you’ve never listened, you should join us Friday evenings at 8pm eastern. You can log into the chat room and participate in the conversations. If you can’t listen live, you can always download the mp3 files or listen to the archives right on the show page linked above.

We have a new sponsor of the radio show, Seeds for Generations. Listeners can use the coupon code “christianfarm” for a 10% discount on your seed order. Be sure to check out the website!

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As most folks know, we use the “heavy mulch-no till” style of gardening here. In fact I’ve tinkered with that type of gardening close to 10 years in several locations. I did a radio show episode on it last year (Listen Here) and have had lots of conversations with other folks who use the method. The idea has been around since the 70’s but recently the film Back to Eden has become very popular advocating a kind of no til gardening that uses wood-chips instead of hay. If you have become a wood-chip devote I suggest you read the latest post at Reformation Acres, “Rethinking Mulch Gardening”

If you want a hard copy of WICK 3, the paperback is now available at Amazon. Click Here to get a copy!

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