JorVet Oral Calf Drencher (Item of the week)

This week’s farmstead item of the week from Amazon is the JorVet Oral Calf Drencher or as we call it here, “the emergency calf tuber”. Simply stated, if you own cattle; you should have this item. You may only use it once every couple years, but it might be the difference between having a live calf or dead calf.

If calves are born on your homestead, eventually you have an emergency situation where you have to tube a calf to save its life. It might be chilled, to weak to nurse, or weak from scours. If a calf is unable to nurse it’s mother or a bottle, getting milk or electrolytes into it via a drenching tube is essential to saving the calf. This is one of those items that you very seldom use but when you need it, it is very handy to have.

Tube feeding a calf in an emergency is best done with two people. You need to make sure that you get the tube down the esophagus and into the stomach, NOT down the wind pipe into its lungs. The blue ball on the end of this model’s tube helps prevent going down the wrong hole, but you should always stick your ear to bag if you are unsure and listen before you dump the liquid in. If doing it by yourself, this bag can be filled and zipped shut and the tube can be shut off via the plastic clamp. This way, after you get the tube properly inserted, you can lift the bag up and unfasten the plastic clamp to let the liquid flow into the calf’s stomach.

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Again, this is an item that you might never use but if you need it… you darn well better have it. Buy one and put it away somewhere where you know where it is in an emergency. You can Order It Here.

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