STANLEY QuickSlide Knife (Homestead Gear Review)

Stanley Quickslide Knife One tool I always like to carry around the farm is a utility knife. I use a knife constantly throughout the day, often cutting material that not friendly to knife blades. Things like baler twine, balage plastic, polywire and the like really dull a blade fast. I find it much easier for these cutting tasks to have a utility knife that uses disposable utility razor blades. This way I always have a sharp cutting tool and I’m not having to stop and sharpen my pocket knife everyday. It’s just a handy thing to have. My favorite is the Stanley Quickslide Knife. There are several reasons that I like this model. The thumb operated slide out blade mechanism is very handy for quick one handed operation. I prefer this feature over the pocket knife style utility knives on the market. Another feature I like is that it has a bottle opener on the end of the knife. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to open a bottle of homebrew several times during the day. The most important thing about this particular knife is the carabineer clip. This allows me to clip the knife to the belt loop on my jeans. No fishing around in your pockets trying to get a hold of it, its always right there in quick reach. Personally, I think this is really the only way to carry this tool because keeping it in your pocket would be uncomfortable because of the bottle opener. It would poke you and wear a hole in your pocket pretty fast. I also wouldn’t recommend pocket carrying because of the chance that blade might slide out part way and cut you. Carried with it cliped to belt loop takes care of both of those concerns. In reality, the ability to clip it to my belt loop is the biggest reason I like this model over the others I’ve tried.

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