My Interview with Laura Seabolt

In this episode of the North Country Farmer Show, I hung out with Laura Seabolt of You Should Grow. Laura and her husband grow over 1500 tomato plants and sell the crop at farmer’s markets. We talked about gardening in the south, seed starting, tomato varieties, tomato diseases, and tips for growing great tomatoes. You can listen here and be sure to check out the links that were mentioned during the show. (*Note ~ I apologize that I had some issues with sound quality at a couple moments during this episode.)

Show Notes and Links!

Tractor Supply

Seed Starting For Beginners (Laura’s Book)
Tatiana’s Tomato Base
Old German Tomato
2 Myths About Blossom End Rot
Grow These 5 Tomatoes
10 Things About Tomatoes Every Gardener Needs To Know
Choosing The Right Fertilizer For Your Veggie Garden
Baker Creek Seeds
Amish Land Seed (Russian Tomato Source)
Home Brew Equipment
Laura on Instagram

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