The Rural Entrepreneur Series, 1st Episode ~ Peter Bartlett

This is the first installment of “The Rural Entrepreneur Series” on Christian Farm and Homestead Radio. In this episode we talk with Peter Bartlett. Peter is a 22 year old rural entrepreneur and manager of his family’s direct market farm. Peter spearheaded a cow share enterprise that has become an important part of the farm’s income stream. Bartlett Farms has grown from a homestead growing their own food, into a business providing milk, beef, pork, poultry and eggs to 250 families. They have implemented an online ordering and payment system and also provide delivery services to cities 4 hours away.

This interview is split into two segments.

Part One We discuss the general business model, individual enterprises, how the business is structured, setbacks and some lessons learned.

Part Two We discuss how Bartlett Farms uses technology to make ordering and delivering easier. We also discuss cash flow and how the online payment options have made it easier to do business. Peter also shares some advice for young entrepreneurs

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Here are the links we mentioned during the show…

Bartlett Farms Website
9 Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success
3 Cow Marketing Website
Worth Every Penny (Marketing Book)

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