The Farmstead Cookbook

Mealtime on any farm or homestead is an important part of the day. We work hard and we like to eat! The whole family gathered together, eating from the bounty of their land. Stories are told, plans are made, and bodies are nourished. My father loved to eat and he loved to cook. When he wasn’t in the barn or in the field, you could usually find him sitting in his chair with his glasses on and a pile of cookbooks on his stand. Every so often you would here him exclaim, “Oh, this sounds good!”. He was always looking for something new to try. My wife and I always thought that a great way to honor the memory of my father would be to make a cookbook of our family’s favorite farmstead recipes and dedicate it to him. She helped locate and transcribe the recipes. I wrote the descriptions. Some of these recipes were my mother’s, some my wife’s, but the vast majority were my father’s finds. This is all stuff we eat on our multi-generational farm on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy them.

Scott M Terry
North Country Farmer
Oct 15, 2018

Tractor Supply

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