Family Cow Consulting

Are you a homesteader who has added or wants to add a dairy cow to your farm?

I have been working with dairy cattle my whole life. I’ve been rotational grazing for 20 years. I’ve been certified organic for over 10 years. Dairy cattle are my passion and they are my livelihood.
Whether you have questions on selecting a breed or a cow, treating mastitis with natural remedies, basic husbandry, milking systems, feed requirements or grazing; I can help you.
I’ve made the pricing very affordable. I have saved people thousands of dollars in mistakes every year.

What You Get with this Service:

Weekly consulting calls with someone who has spent 43 years working with dairy cattle
The ability to call or text with emergency questions any time, day or night
Advice on choosing the right cow
Know what questions to ask the seller so you aren’t taken advantage of
Answers to any and all questions you might have about raising a family dairy cow.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to email me at

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What People Are Saying…

“Though there are numerous family cow resources online, time after time I find that the first place I go when I need quick, knowledgeable advice I can trust when we are having cow troubles on our homestead is not our vet or a forum. It’s not a Facebook group or even my Amish neighbors that we rely on, it’s Scott Terry. When we woke up early one Sunday morning and found our first family cow, newly freshened and lying dead on the barn floor, Scott was there answering all our questions about how to best care for the calf she left behind, even though I’m sure that he was busy getting his farm and family ready so he could go to church. I appreciate that I can trust his animal husbandry advice to be consistent to our values and natural & organic in approach. With a lifetime of experience with dairy cows, there is no one I trust more to mentor me as I continue to learn to care for our cows and I’m grateful that he is willing to pass on his knowledge to those of us just starting out. ”
~ Quinn Veon at Reformation Acres

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