Prayers And Help For Marci

Prayers and Help for Marci

A valuable and beloved member of the Christian homesteading and agrarian community is in need of our prayers. Marci Blubaugh has been an online friend of our family for over a decade. She and her husband Mike, owners of Amazing Graze General Store, have been sponsors of Christian Farm and Homestead Radio for several years. Marci has been a great encouragement to many people on their homesteading journey and is a valued member of our online community.

After several health challenges, Marci has been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and is in the hospital. The family is posting updates at this link. We ask that you keep her and her family lifted up in prayer.

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When a family is dealing with the stress and emotion of such an illness, the last thing we want is them worrying about money. Traveling back and forth from the hospital, the loss of income from several businesses that Marci has, eating out, and the various other expenses that crop up in these crises can add up quickly. The Blubaughs have not asked for financial help but several of us in the agrarian community believe it is something that we should do as we strive to “bear one another’s burdens”. We looked at several ways that we could raise funds on the web, but they all have a portion of our donations being paid in fees to bankers. After a few days of brain storming with our friends at Reformation Acres, we came up with a solution that protects the privacy of the Blubaughs and doesn’t lose funds to fees. We have opened a PO box where you can send your cards, notes, and financial gifts. The mail will be hand delivered to Marci’s husband. Checks and money orders can be deposited directly by him. We suggest that you make checks payable to Mike Blubaugh. Please include a note, letting them know that we love them and that they are in our prayers. Here is the address…

PO Box 104
Walhonding, OH 43843

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