Grow your own food first…

My wife brought this quote and book to my attention the other day. I thought it was worth sharing…

“… a plan was made for the farm. We have stuck to that plan….. The essence of it is this: First of all, the farm must furnish food for our own table – not in a roundabout way, mind you, but directly. Ninety percent of the farmers in our neighborhood were supplying their tables from the store – buying canned stuff, buying flour and meal and potatoes and salt meat, buying practically everything they ate. The only way they had of paying their store bills was by selling their corn and wheat – which they did for a considerable loss. Only a few of the farmers knew how to put up sugar-cured ham and bacon. Gardening seemed to be a lost art….
We intended to change that. No matter how much of our land it would take, we meant to make the farm furnish our table directly with milk and cream and butter, the best of meat, poultry and eggs, fruits and garden stuff. Our land must do that for us in the end; so, we argued, why not let it be done directly? In quality and cost we could do better for ourselves in that way than if we got our food second-handed. The largest item in the cost of living must be taken care of first, and in a way that insured the greatest possible economy.”

Tractor Supply

~Happy Hollow Farm, published in 1914

Download the book for free at this link

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