The Best Resource for Agrarian Life Skills

I get a lot of emails asking me for a list of good resources for beginning homesteaders. While there are a lot of great blogs, forums and websites out there there is one I consider the “gold standard”. Most of you who listen to my radio show/podcast are familiar with my good friend Richard Grossman, who is a regular guest/co-host. Richard often mentions his lovely wife and her website but I got to thinking that everyone might not know where to find this awesome resource. So here is the link to Granny Miller. Literally tons of down to earth, practical info for rural living. If you’ve never seen it be sure to check it out!


The Best Resource for Agrarian Life Skills — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Scott,

    I just finished listening to last weeks radio show with Richard Grossman, and I really enjoyed it. I agree with your assertion that Richard and “Granny” have a wealth of down-to-earth agrarian know-how, and both of their blogs are at the top of my agrarian reading resources.

    • I really enjoy having Richard on the show. Great man. It was great to see you sold so many books, Herrick. I still have my copy!

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