The Practical Beekeeper Volume I

The Practical Beekeeper Volume I, Beginning Beekeeping Naturally
Michael Bush
255 pg, Paperback

Having decided to start beekeeping this year, I have been reading a lot of books, articles and websites on the topic natural beekeeping. Of everything I have read so far, Michael Bush’s Practical Beekeeping Volume I has been the most helpful and interesting. This is one of the most readable books I’ve come across in a long time. The writing style is such that I read the whole thing in about 3 sittings. Bush is an experienced man who has a gift for teaching others. Volume I covers the basics for beginners and by the time I was finished I was wishing I had sprung the $49 for the book that contains all three volumes. This book is very thorough, covering equipment, how to install packages, bee culture, enemies of the honeybee, genetics and much more. Some of the most interesting parts of the book deal with cell size and its effect on bee health. `I knew I would enjoy this book when on page one I read this…

Tractor Supply

If the question in your mind starts “how do I make the bees…” then you are already thinking wrongly. If your question is “how can I help the them with what they are trying to do…” you are on your way to becoming a beekeeper.

This is the kind of philosophy an agrarian minded Christian can appreciate and agree with. This philosophy along with Bush’s no nonsense practical solutions to today’s beekeeping problems make this book a must have. But as Bush states in the very beginning of his book, almost everything found in his books is available for free on his website if you don’t mind searching around. You can find his website HERE.

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