You Can Drill Your Own Homestead Well

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to drill your own well? I have. I’ve looked into a few options over the years and recently came across Nathaniel Burson’s DVD course on the system he has developed that has been helping people drill their own wells for 15 years. This system is a pretty neat and fairly simple way to drill and case a well on your homestead inexpensively, using compressed air. The DVD course and instruction manual he offers is very straight forward and very thorough. I was very impressed with this system and decided to have him on the the North Country Farmer Show to discuss how it works and to answer some common questions on well drilling. You can find his website at THIS LINK.

You can listen to our conversation and interview on the player below. Nathaniel provides lots of interesting and valuable information in this episode that you won’t find anywhere else.

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