Conversation with Abigail Zieger

In this episode of the North Country Farmer Show I chat with Abigail Zieger of “They’re Not Our Goats”. Abigail is wife and mother, a talented musician, homesteader, and Doula. This turned out to be one my favorite conversations to date. We talked about homesteading, goats, meat rabbits, chickens, music, parenting, whats wrong with modern society, entrepreneurship, making money with music, industry, thrift, fidelity, and contentment. We covered a lot of topics and could have easily talked for another 2 hrs! You can listen to it here and be sure to check out the links below the player to stuff we talked about in during the show.


They’re Not Our Goats
Zieger Family Music
The Article I Mentioned
I’ll Take My Stand (Book)
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