Never Buy Bread Again with Laurie Neverman (Podcast)

There are few things in this world that are as satisfying as a loaf of warm home baked bread. Baking bread was once a basic life skill that everyone knew and it was often a family affair. Sadly, most modern families buy mass produced bread in a plastic sac that is bleached, devoid of nutrition, full of preservatives, and tastes terrible. As more and more people return to the old paths and seek out a more agrarian lifestyle, bread baking is making a come back.

I recently talked with my friend Laurie Neverman, of Common Sense Homesteading, about her latest project, a book for beginning bread bakers called Never Buy Bread Again. Laurie and I talk about bread, family traditions, her family’s history owning a baking business, and why she decided to write a bread book. Its always a pleasure to have Laurie on the show and I always enjoy our conversations. Listen right here, and be sure to check the show notes for important links!

******SHOW NOTES******

Never Buy Bread Again (Official Landing Page)
The Kickstarter Page For Pre Ordering
Some Reasons Why Mass Produced Bread Isn’t Good For You
Bosch Mixers
KitchenAid Mixers


Laurie and I chat about her new bread book
Laurie and I chat about her new bread book

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