Permaculture For The Rest Of Us ~ Author Interview

If you’ve read books on permaculture only to be overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged, then Permaculture For The Rest of Us is just what the doctor ordered!

Jenni Blackmore practices permaculture with her husband on a homestead that is located on a windswept, rocky, island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Jenni is a certified permaculture designer who has spent 20 years developing a homestead in what could be called “less than ideal” conditions. This is one of the things I enjoyed most about the book. Its nice to read a permaculture book that is geared more toward my climate. No mention of banana or palm trees in this one! Jenni has real gift for making the complex understandable, she demystifies permaculture and teaches it in a way that makes the average person say, “Hey, I can do this!”. Her writing style is very down to earth and easy to understand. If you are looking for a permaculture book that will inspire you and encourage you, you will find little book a valuable addition to your library.

I enjoyed this book a great deal and had the pleasure of talking with Jenni for 2 hours on my internet radio show. We talked about her early days on the island, some of the challenges and blessings of homesteading on an island, raised beds, using kelp, comfrey, hugelkultur, small livestock, and of course the book. You can listen to our conversation below…

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Permaculture For The Rest Of Us

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